About Us

Hello there!

I’m happy you’ve stumbled across our blog and hope that you’re able to walk away with at least one clever tip to use in your own home. You’re probably wondering who “we” are and why you should trust these random “carpet recipes” and cleaning mixtures, right? Well, we’re normal people just like you. We have kids, families, and the clean-ups that comes along with it. Everything in life is trial and error and it’s the same thing when finding what works around your home and business. It’s always nice to find that one go-trick that will never fail you and possibly keep your pockets happy at the same time.

This blog started in 2015 in the office of Fusion Cleaning and Restoration Services in Shalimar, Florida. We service Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas with high standards of keeping our customers happy! But what about the people in different states that still want a piece of our great service? That’s when Clever Coast Cleaning was brought to life. Our communication specialist, Porche’ Mandel, stays updated with the best, and sometimes surprising, tricks that just seem to work! Don’t worry. We like to do testing of these tricks as well before they are passed on to our readers. We want you to be just as satisfied as the people we service every day here in Florida!

Our Mission Statement

“To provide services infused with quality and integrity, doing unto others as we would have done unto us”

We here at Clever Coast Cleaning stand by our mission statement! It is our goal to provide you with smart tips and tricks that we are proud to stand by!