Are you nose blind?

Have you become nose blind to the odors in your home?

Tons of people become immune to the way their living quarters smell because it becomes “normal” in a sense (no pun intended). In reality, your house could be harboring the smell of your pets, kitchen odors, mustiness, etc! There’s been a study that people adapt to smells and eventually become less sensitive to the stinky ones that are encountered on a daily basis. For an example: Your local garbage man probably has no urge to pinch his nose after a few weeks on the job because he grows use to the smell. On the other hand, he may go home to his wife and get swatted away until he’s all showered.

So, what does your home REALLY smell like?

Let’s hope it’s not what your garbage man smells on his daily route. But are you sure there’s no lingering odors that your guest can smell immediately when entering your home? I was put to this test when I recently left my home to go out of town. That meant a few days with no candles burning or air fresheners. Upon returning, I realized that I could smell a light odor from my dogs and my kitchen’s garbage disposal! Yuck. Were these smells always there? Probably so! I wanted to tackle these odors quickly and effectively before my nose could fool me, again.

Pets smells are tough but manageable

First, grooming your pet to prevent a bad odor is essential!Β It’s also important to know the source of the smell and take action to stopping it. If your dog is house broken then it’s probably just the regular funk from bad breath and being outdoors. If it does happen to be urine, then it’s best to have a professional come and clean your carpet. For the Destin area,Β FusionCRS are experts in pinpointing exactly where are cuddly creatures decide to mark in our home. Those areas can be cleaned and treated but making sure they don’t go reclaim their territory is the hard part!

After a great cleaning, it’s all about maintenance. Luckily, Fusion allows their customers to purchase spotter bottles that can tackle odors and urine! These come in handy in-between cleanings and when you’re just doing your regular chores around the house. When you catch a spot here and there from your pet, tackle it quickly with Fusion’s Urine Spot Remover. Another tip for pet owners is to vacuum! Not just once a week, but daily. Shedding is common for most pets so if they have a smell then the carpet will hold that smell as well. Pet hair can be tricky! Use the hose on your vacuum to get in those small corners and crevices!

Fusion has a solution for your problem!

Each spotter has a specific purpose, but the odor eliminator and urine stain remover will be the best selection for home odors! The odor eliminator is one of our favorites because it doesn’t just hide the odor; it eliminates them at molecular level. Give Fusion a call 850-651-6600 to get assistance with odors that you can’t seem to get rid of on your own. Visit their Facebook to see the other solutions available for purchase as well!