When I’m looking for cleaning tips and tricks, I always want something super effective but also BUDGET FRIENDLY. So the best way to play around with these types of experiments is to know what fabrics and chemicals you’re working with. This probably isn’t the best time to go with trial and error because replacing your whole couch would not be fun! But, that’s what I’m here for.

With football season among us, we are kicking off a new series – Fusion Football Frenzy! It doesn’t matter which team you’re rooting for, we all end up with similar messes in our living rooms while we scream at the television and fill up on finger foods. Drinks get spilled, the couch becomes one big hand napkin, and someone is left to clean it all up. Don’t worry! We have you covered this season so you can focus more on the touchdowns and less on the mess.

This week we are tackling that microfiber couch. Most of us buy a microfiber after the furniture salesperson wins us over with the “your kids won’t be able to destroy this couch” speech. But don’t begin regretting your purchase because I’m sure if you’re reading this then your couch has received a lot of the love that probably just left behind visual memories.

TIMEOUT:  ALL MICROFIBER ISN’T THE SAME! Majority of them should never be cleaned with soap and water because you’ll be left with a bigger disaster – water stains! Microfiber is polyester so it can be cleaned the same in most situations but before you do anything, check your furniture for a tag that will specifically say what can and can’t be used.



Moving along…

The best trick I’ve found for microfiber is alcohol. Yes, rubbing alcohol (but vodka will work just as well if you don’t end up drinking it and climbing on the couch for a nap).  Be sure to use a light color sponge to avoid color rubbing off. You may realize after cleaning that the fabric will feel stiff. Use a soft bristled brush on the area to soften it up. Repeat on stubborn stains if needed.

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