Have you ever had your mattress cleaned?


When asked if you’ve ever had your mattress cleaned, you probably answered with NO.  Most people don’t even realize this is something that should be done. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. Instead, you should simply be enlightened on exactly why getting your mattress cleaned is essential! Think of going years and years without washing your favorite piece of clothing. It’s the same concept. Although I don’t expect you to go scrubbing your mattress every week as a part of your laundry,  it wouldn’t hurt to get in contact with your local cleaning service to see about a deep cleaning. Why? I’ll definitely let you know…

Warning: This probably is not safe to read before bed. 

Calculate how long you’ve had your mattress. If you can’t even remember then I would recommend looking into a new one and keeping up with cleanings from there. If you’ve never had a cleaning then keep in mind that although you may not physically see bugs crawling all over; they are there! One mattress goes through a lot: stains, body sweat and oil, stains, dirt, skin cells shedding, etc. Creating the perfect home and buffet for bed bugs and dust mites. This allows your mattress to increase in weight every year. You’ve probably heard that your mattress doubles in weight over a 10 year span. I haven’t found any solid research but let’s admit it – the thought is pretty gross.  Here are some tips to maintain your mattress between cleanings.

Get yourself a mattress cover – Not only does this protect where you’re sleeping, but it’s great for those who deal with allergies.

Vacuum your mattress as a weekly/monthly chore – Make it simple and do this every time (or every other time) you change your sheets. Cover your mattress with baking soda first, let it dwell, then vacuum away! This helps get rid of those dust mites while the baking soda handles any lingering moisture.

Flip your mattress! This is something I’ve always done out of habit. Just think of it as the flipping your pillow in the middle of the night to feel the cooler side 🙂

Have any mattress tips? Leave them in a comment! We love to hear your secrets as well. If you’re in the Northwear Florida area and looking for mattress cleaning, be sure to contact Fusion! They are the go-to place for all of your cleaning and restoration needs.


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