Water Damage 101: Prevention


Have you ever dealt with water damage in your home or business? Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t predict when the toilet is going to overflow or a leaking sink. Proactive homeowners can prevent weather induced water damage with a little bit of TLC around the home. Thinking ahead and tending to potential problems before they happen can save you a lot of time and money! Read below for two areas of your home that you can tackle by yourself.

Roof – Your roof is the first contact in a downpour. With that being said, it’s important to always know the condition of your roof with periodic inspections. These should be done mainly after the winter season and before spring. It doesn’t always take a professional. If you’re equipped to safely access your roof to look for damaged areas and missing shingles – go for it. Did you know ONE missing shingle can be the entry for tons of water to damage your home?

Windows – Get your caulk gun ready! Through the seasons, you’ll find that your window sealant can wear away. Caulking is an easy fix that you’ll be happy you tended to.  This task can be thrown on your ‘Spring Cleaning’ list in order to make sure you get it done every year before expected storms and heavy rain. Be sure to inspect the inside and outside of your windows! First time caulkers can find videos on YouTube to see exactly how it’s done. Don’t worry; it’s so easy that a first grade could handle this!

If you are dealing with water in the home, it’s best to NEVER ignore even what seems like a little damage. This can lead to bigger problems and more money in repairs. If you’re in the Northwest Florida area of: Destin, Navarre, Niceville, Valparaiso, Fort Walton Beach or surrounding areas then please give FusionCRS a call so we can assist you with your cleaning and restoration needs! 850-651-6600. Mention our blog and receive a discount!


Who’s Crawling On Who?!


Wouldn’t it be nice to simply vacuum all of your carpet worries away?

 Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Once you realize the little creatures that your little ones may be unintentionally meeting every day, you’ll be sure to take the necessary steps to achieve clean and sanitary carpet. As an expecting mother, I began to realize that my child would be spending so much time on the floor – crawling, playing, and exploring all day. Even thinking about the germs that get tracked in from our shoes was enough to make me cringe! Did I mention my two dogs that love to have a good scratch on the living room carpet? All of these things raced through my mind on top of knowing about dust mites that would be just be waiting to feed on my little bundle of joy. Not on my watch though! This wouldn’t just concern me about infants, but also for anyone that has toddlers and school-age children that take to the floor to play with dolls or push around toy trucks. Believe me, they aren’t playing on that carpet alone! So, who’s crawling on who? 

  • DUST MITES: While you make spaghetti for the family, you’ll be happy to know that dust mites are feasting on your dead skin cells. These microscopic bugs are also the cause of allergies and asthma (especially in the elderly and younger children). If you have pets then also be aware of fleas that can live in the carpet for months while continuously laying eggs!
  • POLLEN: If you live in Florida then you know that pollen is usually everywhere! Carpet happens to be the best trap for pollen.
  • BACTERIA: This is an obvious one that’s always underestimated. Think of bacteria as the building blocks to the viruses and diseases that we want to stay away from. When we get sick, we always wonder who we “caught” our cold from, right? Well, look no further. You’re probably standing right on it.

There’s only one solution to evacuating the community in your carpet – professional cleanings! Worried about chemicals? So was I. But when choosing the RIGHT company, you’ll have options such as steam cleaning along with green, biodegradable solutions that are perfectly safe for the environment and most importantly your baby! Fusion offers everything and more to make sure you can breathe easy when bringing your new addition home as well as taking care of the ones that are already around. If you’re in the Northwest Florida area (Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Shalimar, Navarre) then give them a call at 850-651-6600!


Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived and so has the long list of things you know you’ll be facing this season! Don’t worry, your life just got a little easier with this Spring Cleaning Check-List that covers everything you’ll need to focus on! 🙂

Some clever tips to get you started:

  • Turn your clutter into CA$H! That’s right. If you come across things that you know you don’t need but would be willing to sell then simply create listings on ebay or even post on craigslist. I’ve recently been loving the app ‘LetGo‘ that allows people in your area to let go any unwanted items!
  • DONATE DONATE DONATE. Not only does this help the community, but it feels amazing knowing that your cleaning is making some type of difference. Don’t forget that donations can be written off on your taxes as well.
  • Your computer and phones probably could benefit from a cleaning as well. I’m not just talking about blowing dust from the keyboard and using lysol wipes on your smartphone. I’m referring to all of those files and apps that are taking up space! Take the time to clean up your digital life as well. It makes a huge difference!

Got some tips? Comment below. I love hearing from you!



Is YELP helpful or harmful?


It wasn’t until I became the Marketing Director at FusionCRS that raised me to question, “Is Yelp harmful or helpful to business owners?” I’m definitely one of those individuals that like to read reviews and get feedback before I try new places to eat, services, or when visiting a different city. But little do you know, websites such as Yelp don’t always have the best interest of those places being reviewed. I should probably put emphasis on SMALL business owners. If you search the internet for Yelp, you’ll come across tons of people sharing their experiences and unfortunately they are almost heartbreaking to read. Yelp has been given the power to tear apart businesses that have been around for years! How? Reviews.

Anyone can leave a review which is bittersweet. But what about when the reviews are false? Or when Yelp decides to “filter” the positive and put the negative on a platform. I soon came to the realization that our situation was much bigger than just reviews. We were first contacted by a Yelp representative wanting to offer us a package that they felt could boost our sales in the area. The conference call went well but the next month was the exact opposite. Since we were more focused on using our free resources at the time, we didn’t jump into pouring money into a fancier profile on Yelp. It’s no coincidence that things went downhill from there. Not only were we harassed by the salesperson, we also noticed an instant change in our reviews!

*Sidenote: In business, you can’t please everyone. So we don’t argue anyone sharing their experience whether good or bad. We provide guarantee satisfaction, so if something isn’t done to our expected standards, we never hesitate to correct ourselves. The issue is with rants (that Yelp claims to not support) including falsified information usually with customers that were served letters for collections. No surprise there. Unfortunately, these are the only reviews that Yelp has considered worthy of displaying. Our problem isn’t with the customers, but with with Yelp and they’re deceitful set-up. In order to read the positive reviews, pull out a magnifying glass and find the almost transparent link at the bottom of each business page that reads “reviews that are not currently recommended.” Don’t scroll too fast because you’ll miss it. I’m sure that’s the whole idea though.

Moving along, we then decided to watch Yelp over a period of time to get a better understanding as to why none of our 4-5 star reviews would make it to those looking for our services. A phone call was made to their headquarters to see what they would have to say, and not only did the woman laugh, but she made it clear that customers could say whatever they want to. The laughter confirmed that Yelp is fully aware of what they’re doing and they are confident that no one can do anything about it.

But can we? 

 Loyal customers took the time to leave feedback in effort to be heard. Still, nothing. They continued to be filtered. We looked closer into one customer specifically by visiting other pages he reviewed in the area. Every single review was there for the public to view except the one left for our company. The only reasonable explanation is because we didn’t sign up with Yelp. We have since followed up with calls to the advertising department along with the same representative that originally reached out to us. Obviously, no calls have been returned. That won’t stop us from letting others know about their scheme. I’ve read dozen of stories identical to ours from business owners that have lost it all behind these BULLIES. Please watch the video and help us spread the word. As always, we will keep you updated with links and more material if you’re interested in helping small business keeps their names and reputations.


Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?


FusionCRS will begin cleaning air ducts all over Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and more! Lots of people have never had their ducts cleaned and have no clue of the benefits. The best way to get rid of contaminants inside your duct work is to have your ducts professionally cleaned. Indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental risks to public health. Every wonder why you can’t get those allergies under control? Well, think about the air in your home!  87% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors. The three most important methods of improving air quality are source removal, air cleaning and increased ventilation.

So to answer the question —  YES. Air duct cleaning is without a doubt worth the money. Don’t forget to do your research! Don’t fall for those coupons that will tell you that you can get your entire home done for $50. Make sure you ask the right questions and know what results to look for. Click here for more information on air duct cleaning and why it’s something you may not want to pass up on. As always,  stay tuned for more clever tips & tricks!



Have you ever had your mattress cleaned?


When asked if you’ve ever had your mattress cleaned, you probably answered with NO.  Most people don’t even realize this is something that should be done. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. Instead, you should simply be enlightened on exactly why getting your mattress cleaned is essential! Think of going years and years without washing your favorite piece of clothing. It’s the same concept. Although I don’t expect you to go scrubbing your mattress every week as a part of your laundry,  it wouldn’t hurt to get in contact with your local cleaning service to see about a deep cleaning. Why? I’ll definitely let you know…

Warning: This probably is not safe to read before bed. 

Calculate how long you’ve had your mattress. If you can’t even remember then I would recommend looking into a new one and keeping up with cleanings from there. If you’ve never had a cleaning then keep in mind that although you may not physically see bugs crawling all over; they are there! One mattress goes through a lot: stains, body sweat and oil, stains, dirt, skin cells shedding, etc. Creating the perfect home and buffet for bed bugs and dust mites. This allows your mattress to increase in weight every year. You’ve probably heard that your mattress doubles in weight over a 10 year span. I haven’t found any solid research but let’s admit it – the thought is pretty gross.  Here are some tips to maintain your mattress between cleanings.

Get yourself a mattress cover – Not only does this protect where you’re sleeping, but it’s great for those who deal with allergies.

Vacuum your mattress as a weekly/monthly chore – Make it simple and do this every time (or every other time) you change your sheets. Cover your mattress with baking soda first, let it dwell, then vacuum away! This helps get rid of those dust mites while the baking soda handles any lingering moisture.

Flip your mattress! This is something I’ve always done out of habit. Just think of it as the flipping your pillow in the middle of the night to feel the cooler side 🙂

Have any mattress tips? Leave them in a comment! We love to hear your secrets as well. If you’re in the Northwear Florida area and looking for mattress cleaning, be sure to contact Fusion! They are the go-to place for all of your cleaning and restoration needs.


Clever DIY: Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner


What’s better than simple, effective cleaning solutions that can be made right in your kitchen for little to nothing?! I can’t think of anything better especially when I’m on a budget.  After all, a part of being clever is saving while still getting the job done. Soon enough, you’ll be calling yourself a DIY cleaning professional. This week I’m sharing one of my all-time favorites – Vinegar infused with citrus! I’m an orange lover but I’m sure lemons, limes, or even grapefruits would be great substitutes depending on your preference.

Orange you glad we said citrus? (I couldn’t resist the corny add-on.)


Here’s what you’ll need:

– Orange Peels

– White Vinegar

– Mason jar (you can transfer to spray bottle later)


I came across this recipe a few months ago while scrolling on Pinterest but it was until I finished an orange one day and stopped myself at the trash. I ended up letting my peelings pile up throughout the day then decided to give it a try with my own little twist. Since vinegar has a far from the pleasant odor, I wanted to maximize the citrus.

Start by boiling your orange peels with very little water. This will also perfume your entire house so that’s a nice perk while preparing your mixture. Let them boil for 2 minutes or so then transfer the peels and what’s left of the water into the mason jar. You can then add the vinegar. Don’t stress too much about measurements but for reference; I had about 4 big oranges with a 16 oz. jar.

The next part is crucial – patience! Your concoction needs to sit for at least two weeks.  This is one of those things that get better over time. So put it under your sink and try not to think about it.  But when it’s time to open it up, you’ll be happy you waited.

When I finally opened my jar up, I knew I was going to go crazy cleaning the house that day. The aroma was amazing! I would definitely recommend spot testing it on certain counter tops but so far I haven’t had any problems using it as a surface cleaner. Vinegar alone is an awesome disinfectant, bug repellent, and safe for all of my “green” readers. If you end up trying this recipe, please leave your comments and feedback! I would love to know how it turned out.


Not ANOTHER Car Wash!

Over the weekend, Cleaning for the Cure got an early start on Saturday morning to do what we do best — clean for a cure! With the help of Fusion CRS staff and volunteers, we were able to raise donations that will continue making strides towards breast cancer. We all gathered for to enjoy sweet pastries and hot coffee while the younger helps took to the street with decorative signs to pull in the cars. Having fun is always on the to-do list while bringing awareness to the community. The music played, we shared laughter, and of course washed cars all morning. This fundraiser was just one of many that we have in store for Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas. We have an entire year to get you guys involved and we won’t stop until we have reached our goal and beyond! Being able to see a group come together is amazing and we definitely want this to be more frequent.

If you would like to help please don’t hesitate to contact us at 850-651-6600! We are always looking for volunteers and donations.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that was involved! We appreciate you!

IMG_5110 IMG_5122 IMG_5109 IMG_5106 IMG_5105 IMG_5104

Want to contribute? CLICK HERE!


Cleaning for the Cure!

Breast Cancer Awareness begins tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited! We all know the facts behind breast cancer but getting involved is what really makes a difference. So, this year Fusion Cleaning and Restoration has created team Cleaning for the Cure which is linked with Making Strides & American Cancer Society. Being involved with the community is the top priority so be sure to watch our video below to find out little more about us!




When I’m looking for cleaning tips and tricks, I always want something super effective but also BUDGET FRIENDLY. So the best way to play around with these types of experiments is to know what fabrics and chemicals you’re working with. This probably isn’t the best time to go with trial and error because replacing your whole couch would not be fun! But, that’s what I’m here for.

With football season among us, we are kicking off a new series – Fusion Football Frenzy! It doesn’t matter which team you’re rooting for, we all end up with similar messes in our living rooms while we scream at the television and fill up on finger foods. Drinks get spilled, the couch becomes one big hand napkin, and someone is left to clean it all up. Don’t worry! We have you covered this season so you can focus more on the touchdowns and less on the mess.

This week we are tackling that microfiber couch. Most of us buy a microfiber after the furniture salesperson wins us over with the “your kids won’t be able to destroy this couch” speech. But don’t begin regretting your purchase because I’m sure if you’re reading this then your couch has received a lot of the love that probably just left behind visual memories.

TIMEOUT:  ALL MICROFIBER ISN’T THE SAME! Majority of them should never be cleaned with soap and water because you’ll be left with a bigger disaster – water stains! Microfiber is polyester so it can be cleaned the same in most situations but before you do anything, check your furniture for a tag that will specifically say what can and can’t be used.



Moving along…

The best trick I’ve found for microfiber is alcohol. Yes, rubbing alcohol (but vodka will work just as well if you don’t end up drinking it and climbing on the couch for a nap).  Be sure to use a light color sponge to avoid color rubbing off. You may realize after cleaning that the fabric will feel stiff. Use a soft bristled brush on the area to soften it up. Repeat on stubborn stains if needed.

Please leave comments and your own stories if you’ve tried this trick as well! Be sure to LIKE ‘Clever Coast Cleaning’ on Facebook and check back for more ideas!