Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived and so has the long list of things you know you’ll be facing this season! Don’t worry, your life just got a little easier with this Spring Cleaning Check-List that covers everything you’ll need to focus on! 🙂

Some clever tips to get you started:

  • Turn your clutter into CA$H! That’s right. If you come across things that you know you don’t need but would be willing to sell then simply create listings on ebay or even post on craigslist. I’ve recently been loving the app ‘LetGo‘ that allows people in your area to let go any unwanted items!
  • DONATE DONATE DONATE. Not only does this help the community, but it feels amazing knowing that your cleaning is making some type of difference. Don’t forget that donations can be written off on your taxes as well.
  • Your computer and phones probably could benefit from a cleaning as well. I’m not just talking about blowing dust from the keyboard and using lysol wipes on your smartphone. I’m referring to all of those files and apps that are taking up space! Take the time to clean up your digital life as well. It makes a huge difference!

Got some tips? Comment below. I love hearing from you!



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