Who’s Crawling On Who?!


Wouldn’t it be nice to simply vacuum all of your carpet worries away?

 Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Once you realize the little creatures that your little ones may be unintentionally meeting every day, you’ll be sure to take the necessary steps to achieve clean and sanitary carpet. As an expecting mother, I began to realize that my child would be spending so much time on the floor – crawling, playing, and exploring all day. Even thinking about the germs that get tracked in from our shoes was enough to make me cringe! Did I mention my two dogs that love to have a good scratch on the living room carpet? All of these things raced through my mind on top of knowing about dust mites that would be just be waiting to feed on my little bundle of joy. Not on my watch though! This wouldn’t just concern me about infants, but also for anyone that has toddlers and school-age children that take to the floor to play with dolls or push around toy trucks. Believe me, they aren’t playing on that carpet alone! So, who’s crawling on who? 

  • DUST MITES: While you make spaghetti for the family, you’ll be happy to know that dust mites are feasting on your dead skin cells. These microscopic bugs are also the cause of allergies and asthma (especially in the elderly and younger children). If you have pets then also be aware of fleas that can live in the carpet for months while continuously laying eggs!
  • POLLEN: If you live in Florida then you know that pollen is usually everywhere! Carpet happens to be the best trap for pollen.
  • BACTERIA: This is an obvious one that’s always underestimated. Think of bacteria as the building blocks to the viruses and diseases that we want to stay away from. When we get sick, we always wonder who we “caught” our cold from, right? Well, look no further. You’re probably standing right on it.

There’s only one solution to evacuating the community in your carpet – professional cleanings! Worried about chemicals? So was I. But when choosing the RIGHT company, you’ll have options such as steam cleaning along with green, biodegradable solutions that are perfectly safe for the environment and most importantly your baby! Fusion offers everything and more to make sure you can breathe easy when bringing your new addition home as well as taking care of the ones that are already around. If you’re in the Northwest Florida area (Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Shalimar, Navarre) then give them a call at 850-651-6600!


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